United Arab Emirates

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It’s our nation’s biggest trading partner in the Middle East, but the United Arab Emirates (UEA) faced a perception challenge in Australia. Their Australian Embassy asked us to devise a campaign to reveal the UAE’s rich culture through real stories.

We partnered with the Embassy to build a deeper awareness of the UAE and its role in global affairs. Our “See the real UAE” campaign celebrates the beauty, culture and opportunity thriving in the UAE.

The campaign and imagery created for this project captured the beauty and adventure in the UAE. This was reinforced through ambitious print media placements and digital campaigns.

Our campaign spoke to Australian audiences unfamiliar with the ‘real UAE’. Through the powerful video and images, we were able to tell a story that hadn’t been understood by many Australians. The natural beauty, vibrant culture, adventurous activities and warm welcome for tourists was not necessarily forefront of people’s minds when thinking about the Middle East or UAE.

UAE Brand Application 1
UAE Brand Application 1
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United Arab Emirates image
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United Arab Emirates image
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