Hiit Republic

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Hiit Republic is a boutique functional fitness program with 27 studios across Australia. With the explosion of new gym products entering the market, and competition for attracting new members becoming increasingly challenging, Supercurious was appointed to help Hiit Republic reimagine their purpose, product, and positioning. We attacked the challenge by leading with a provocative question – “How might we reframe Hiit Republic from something you do, to something that’s part of you?”.

Using the Lovemarks methodology, we set out to understand three key things –

  1. Why do consumers train?
  2. What makes a person loyal to a gym?
  3. How do they choose a gym?

Our insights set the foundations to make some simple, but powerful brand shifts.

  1. We crafted a strong, memorable and inspiring positioning – “Whatever your goal, Hiit it”, shifting Hiit from a style of training to a motivation.
  2. We focused on reasons a consumer trains, leading with a lifestyle promise before product and price.
  3. We refreshed creative, evolving from gritty and cluttered to lighter, cleaner and fresher.
  4. We built a data-driven campaign across digital media to drive a membership acquisition campaign, reaching new audiences in search of a healthier lifestyle.

The result?
We exceeded the target set to gain 400 new members, signing up 451 people who were inspired to Hiit their goals.


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Hiit Republic image
Hiit Republic image