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How do you help one of Australia’s leading FMCG brands pivot in the face of increased competition? A nostalgic campaign featuring a combination of classic tactics and cutting-edge creative. The result was sweet sales success.

One of the country’s best-established FMCG brands, the Glucojel jellybean has been a staple in most Australian households for decades. So, when a competitor in the pharmacy market launched a challenger product, we decided to play the card no-one else in this space can play: heritage!

To empower Glucojel to tell their story across digital platforms, we produced a campaign looking back at the memories created by the classic jellybean. We also created a promotion where consumers were invited to share their best Glucojel memory, to win a chance to make new memories.

The results were astounding! The nostalgic nature of the campaign, inspired uptake from existing consumers and inspired a new generation. Just on TikTok alone, we reached more than 14 million consumers.

The campaign resulted in sales growth of more than 50%!

Glucojel Jelly Beans image

“Supercurious, have been working with Gold Cross, and Glucojel, for a lot longer than both brands have been in my portfolio. And being handed the responsibility for those brands at such a pivotal time in their lifecycle was a hefty responsibility that I never took for granted.

The support I received from the Supercurious team, from day one, was palpable. And rather than being defensive or precious about any work that had previously been done, they were incredibly receptive to new ways of thinking, new ways of operating, and in many ways much higher expectations.

They went out of their way to find out the why, not just the what. And as someone who has spent the majority of their career in advertising myself, I was taken aback by just how rare a trait that is. It was that open-mindedness and curiosity that led to a body of work that I'm incredibly proud to have been a part of, and the results were (and continue to be) astounding.”

Craig Hockley, Head of Marketing, Goldcross
Glucojel Jelly Beans image
Glucojel Jelly Beans image
Glucojel Jelly Beans image
Glucojel Jelly Beans image

Media Statistics

Our campaign led to more than 1.1 million clicks, 3.7 million video views, and over 35 million impressions. Many of these were from younger audiences, which are not Glucojel’s traditional audience, providing an opportunity to reach large numbers of new customers.

Pharmacies and related organisations also amplified the new campaign through social media, celebrating the evolution of the well-known brand with their own audiences. With a 20% increase in sales compared to previous months, despite the increased competition, the campaign has once again solidified Glucojel’s status as a leader in their market.