Glucojel Bears

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Glucojel Jelly Beans have been Australia’s favourite jelly beans for more than 80 years, but consumers’ appetite for jelly beans had been declining as the soft jellies market exploded. Gold Cross decided to launch a pharmacy-only soft jelly product, jelly bears, to complement their existing offering. And we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the job!

Because Glucojel bears are bigger than other jelly bears, we decided to point this out in our messaging. In addition to this, we leveraged Australia’s love for Glucojel by communicating that their favourite tasting jelly is now available in a jiggly form. We created dancing jelly bears to demonstrate the brand’s fun-loving personality and express glucose energy.

We launched with animated video, posters, press, wobblers and dump bins in-store. We also created an interactive AR filter for consumers to download and play with.

The product launch campaign drove significant trade interest with Glucojel gaining increased shelf space in pharmacy and significant social media buzz amongst brand loyalists. The new product launch was successful with Gluco Bears now an established line in pharmacies across Australia.

Glucojel Bears image